Other Help and Walkthroughs:

We also have help pages on other help topics such as troubleshooting your change not being invested, setting up Coinbase and relinking accounts. They can be found here: https://coinflashapp.com/?s=Help.


We do not store names or passwords on our databases. We only store encrypted access tokens and follow best practices with securing your tokens in our database. Only the last two months of credit/banking card transactions are kept in Coinflash’s database. You can learn more about security by watching thisĀ video.

Coinbase Linkage Explanation:

No Coinbase Payment Method Found:

If you recently set up your Coinbase account then you need to add payment methods in order to buy cryptocurrency. If you did connect a bank account to Coinbase, then it will take a few days for Coinbase to clear the bank and allow you to buy cryptocurrency. You can wait a few days and everything should clear. Or you can add a debit card to Coinbase as a payment method.
You will have to verify two small payments Coinbase made though, make sure to do that. Here’s some more information from Coinbase about this process. Now you can buy cryptocurrency immediatly through Coinbase. Also double check that your primary payment method in Coinflash is set to your debit card under the ‘Settings’ button.

Coinbase Fees:

Coinbase fees for transactions under $200:

  • $10 or less = $0.99 fee
  • $10.01 to $25 = $1.49 fee
  • $25.01 to $50 = 1.99 fee
  • $50.01 to $201 = 2.99 fee


Coinflash Supports Banking, Debit and Credit Cards:

Coinflash can sum up change from transactions on your checking account or debit card. It will work with multiple accounts associated with one bank. It will not work with multiple banks.

Onboard Process:

We monitor your credit/debit card transactions through the
Plaid API
. We use Coinbase to make cryptocurrency transactions.

Coinflash Fees:

We take $1 in Ethereum or Bitcoin out of your Coinbase account every month as long as you are actively investing spare change through our system. You can choose which account we debit from under your settings. If you turn your investing off, we don’t charge you a fee. This charge starts one month after you
have connected both your Coinbase and banking card.

‘Always Invest Coinbase Minimum Daily/Weekly/Monthly’ Setting

Coinbase will not purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum for under $3. This means if your spare change does not reach $3 for your Ethereum or Bitcoin percentage by the end of the day, week, or month, the purchase will not go through during the automatic investments.
If you set this to yes, then we will always buy at least $3.25 worth (or whatever you set) of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How It Works:

Coinflash counts up your change. At the end of every week or month, depending on your settings, it invests that amount into Ethereum and Bitcoin via Coinbase. Coinflash uses your primary payment method in Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency unless you specify otherwise. Coinflash only uses your
credit card to sum up the change from your transactions.


Every time you refer someone using your referral link in your account settings page, you accrue 1 additional month of free Coinflash usage up to
3 months free. The person you sent the referral to
also gets 1 month of free Coinflash usage.

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