Some News For October

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If you have questions about security or are just wondering exactly how this works, check out this video:

  • iOS is on the way, 3-4 weeks.  Want to see some screen shots?
  • UK credit/debit card connections are on the way via an API supported by TrueLayer!  We are researching other API’s for other countries too.
  • We’re on Facebook now just so you know
  • Everyone is requesting access to multiple accounts and the ability to pick which card we round up change from, we’re on it.
  • We were recently featured by Mashable, lifehacker and Now This news!
  • We currently have over 5000 users, yeah!

We have plans to roll out several features around automatically investing your change over the next few months, curious what you guys think, please hit me up on twitter or email and tell me what you think. Will take into consideration:

  • Set it and forget it: Set Coinflash to automatically invest a set amount every day, week, month, Wednesday, whatever.
  • Only invest change when a certain minimum amount has been hit, this will help with the annoying Coinbase fees.
  • Coinflash Goals: Set a goal like save up for a $900 bike, set your automatic investment in Coinflash, we’ll notify you when your crypto investment has helped you reach that goal.
  • Coinflash Fit: Invest money while you work out or penalize yourself if you don’t through Fitbit and Strava connections.

Stay tuned!

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