Once you’ve connected your Coinbase account, the next step is to link your credit or debit card to begin tracking your spare change.

Coinflash has partnered with the industry leading service Plaid to provide safe and secure tracking of your transaction data.

Note: Rest assured, Coinflash cannot debit the card you connect, it only tracks your accrued spare change.


Step 1: Click the ‘Link Banking Card’ button to get started


Step 2: Select your region

Note: If your region is not shown, don’t despair! Coinflash has recently released a feature which will allow you to make bulk transactions on a monthly basis, and we’re working on adding support for more international regions. (Click here for more!)


Step 3: Select your bank

Use the search bar to find your bank. If you don’t find it, click here for other options.


Step 4: Once you select your bank, a portal will pop up asking you to log in using your online credentials. 

Note: If you have not configured online login, your bank may require that you call them for more information.

Otherwise, congratulations – you should be redirected back to this screen, and you will now be able to invest automatically with Coinflash!

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