In order to allow you to automatically purchase crypto-currencies, Coinflash has developed a simple integration for the Coinbase exchange platform. (Create a new account here)

To connect a Coinbase account, log into Coinflash (visit our home page and click ‘Sign In With Google’) and click the ‘Link Coinbase’ button.

After clicking the button, a new window will open Coinbase.

Enter your log in details, or click ‘Create an Account’ if you haven’t made one yet. (See our guide on making a Coinbase account here)

Once logged in, Coinflash will request authorization for certain services:

Please Note: Coinflash is only requesting very limited permissions here. We cannot make major transfers or purchases on your behalf, and do not retain any of your personal information.

To confirm the authorization request, just click the ‘Authorize’ button.

For more information on setting up a new Coinbase account, please click here.


For next steps and help setting up Plaid to track your spare change, please click here.

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