Convert Your Coinbase Crypto Into Altcoins

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Wanna get your feet wet in Altcoins? You can use the cryptocurrency in your Coinbase account to buy Atlcoins with Coinflash. First, make sure you are on the ‘Altcoins’ section in Coinflash:

Link Coinbase

For Coinflash to buy Altcoins, you’ll need to increase the amount that Coinflash is allowed to debit from your Coinbase wallet.  We’ll be using this crypto to buy Altcoins.  You’ll be asked to link Coinbase with these permissions:

Pick Your Debit Wallet

You pick which wallet you want to pay out of to buy Altcoins.  There are different network fees associated with each coin.  Bitcoin has the highest fees, then Ethereum, then Litecoin and finally Bitcoincash.

You can see that the estimated network fee will change depending on which coin you pick:

Download A Wallet

You’ll need a wallet to hold your Altcoins.  Coinflash does not hold any of your Altcoins.  We use Shapeshift to send these coins to the wallet of your choice.   After you have downloaded your wallet, copy and paste the address into the appropriate box.

Buy Your Altcoins

Pick the amount you want and press the ‘Buy’ button.  You can select multiple coins at the same time to do a batch buy.  You’ll be presented with the cost of the coins and the fees you will be paying for these coins:

Monitor The Progress

Once you bought the coins, it could take several hours for it to show up in your wallet.  You can monitor the progress on the bottom of the page.  Click the ‘address’ or ‘details’ to get more details updates on the progress of your transaction.

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