Help: Coinbase Payment Method

Problem:  Coinflash had a problem making a purchase for your account because something was wrong with your Coinbase payment method. Solution: Make sure you have the right Coinbase Payment Method [...]

Help: Configure your Scheduler

In addition to the standard spare change tracking option, Coinflash also offers users a range of other options for investing their crypto. To see all the options, open your homepage and click the [...]

Help: Signup For Coinbase


No Coinbase Account? No Problem! Coinbase is easy to use, and takes just a few minutes to set up. To get started, navigate to their website here. Enter your basic information. Note: Be sure to [...]

Help: Connect Coinbase Account


In order to allow you to automatically purchase crypto-currencies, Coinflash has developed a simple integration for the Coinbase exchange platform. (Create a new account here) To connect a [...]


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